Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm part of the North East Bloggers: Now What?

Welcome to all our new members this week!  I am so excited to see all these new faces and I hope everyone is excited to get this party started!

You might be wondering: what's coming up on North East Bloggers Network?  

Here's what's going on:

1. The Saturday Share Fest link up is going to switch to Weekend Wander and stay open for the whole weekend instead of just Saturday!  This gives everyone more of a chance to participate and "wander" through the blogs throughout the weekend!  I hope this switch will encourage even more people to participate!

2.  Weekly Linky parties:  On Tuesdays we will have various link up parties, a different one each week throughout the month!  We already had a our twitter link up last week: check it out and follow some fellow NE bloggers on twitter!  I am going to rotate the link ups every week so we will have something new to check out every week instead of just twitter or just bloglovin etc every time!  Tomorrow we will have a Facebook link up, so get your Facebook pages fancied up!

3.  Guest post and blog of the week:  If you want to write a guest post, have an existing post from your blog featured or be our blog of the week please email me!  All post need to be original content written by you and should be sent in html format.  Guest post should fit into one of the themes of this blog: blogging tips, networking tips, northeast living, northeast travel tips or one of our blog categories (example: food, parenting, fitness/health etc)  I would love to have more than one guest post a week so send them all in!

For example!
4. Advertisement!  If you know anyone (or you!) with a small business such as an Etsy shop, scentsy, Thirty-One gifts etc. please pass along our advertising information to them!  I'd love to have some giveaways for our members in the future and the more sponsorships we have the better they will be!

5. Pinterest:  the pinterest page for this blog has had a slow start but I would like to have some community boards on there for everyone to share pins as well as some boards where I will link up everyone's blogs!  If you want to be a member of any of our community boards let me know and I'll add you!  I will be working on setting up all the boards this week!
6. Last but not least- follow follow follow!  Don't forget to follow us on Google Friend Connect, Facebook and Twitter!  If you cannot request to join our Facebook discussion group please email me and I'll send you a request!

See you tomorrow for the Facebook link up party!!

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