Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blog of the Week: Creative Geekery

This week's Blog of the Week is Ellie from Creative Geekery!

I grew up in a library. My mom was a librarian at a private school when I was little and I spent most of my free time in that incredible space. Rows and rows of books, magical spaces and tons of hiding places, a second floor that was made of translucent glass tile (a glass floor! What?!), and a dumbwaiter elevator to get the books up there (can't tell you how many times I tried to fit into that thing). I was a lucky kid! One day back in the good old 80's, something new and shiny came along.... the computer! It was love at first sight. I taught myself to type, played super simple games that seemed magical to me (remember "Oregon Trail"?), and simply could not get enough of that big gray machine. Fortunately/unfortunately we didn't have access to the internet WAY back then or I probably never would have left that poor old computer alone. 

So then I grew up, went off to college, got a part-time job in the computer center there which led to a career in academic technology which led to a career in graphic design. Somewhere in there I fell in love, had a couple of rock star kiddos, learned what it meant to be a hockey mama and live at the rink (I still prefer the library! Warmer.), all the while still playing and working with technology and here we are! I love to help people with technology... to see their eyes light up when they do something they never imagined they could do. So here is to all things techy and lighting up those eyes! 

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