Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Community Pinterest Boards!

Guess what guys?  The community Pinterest boards are now up!  If you don't follow us on Pinterest now is a great time to start!

As you can see, there isn't much there yet! But, with the new community boards hopefully the boards will fill up quickly with all your awesome pins! You might be wondering- 

What are community boards? The community boards are open boards that many different bloggers can pin onto! They are categorized into different topics to meet the needs of our various types of bloggers! There is one main board for all bloggers- the "Blogs" board. There are also currently boards for the following categories:travel, parenting, fashion, beauty, photography, yum! (food), fitness/health and crafting!

How do I get involved?  To pin on a community board you must be invited by the board creator- me!  I will be sending invites out soon to everyone based on their blog categories.  You will see this invite on your pinterest main page when you log in.  If you want to join more than one community board, just let me know!

What is the purpose of this?  Community boards are an easy way for many people to share and connect!  When you pin something to a community board, not only do your own pinterest followers see it, it also shows up to the followers of the other community board members!  Therefore, your pins reach out to a wider audience! You can pin anything from your blog posts to the appropriate boards! 

Look out for your community board invitations to show up in your Pinterest accounts soon! 

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  1. This is great! Hope I can place mine in the "Blogs" board!

    1. I started posting blogs to that board who were our blogs of the week! :) Would you like to be blog of the week soon? (we've only had one guy so far so that would be awesome!)


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