Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Twitter Hop!

Welcome to the June twitter hop!  This hop is a place to meet more North East bloggers and follow each other via twitter!  We have a ton of new members since our May hop so let's welcome all our new members with a huge twitter hop for June!

What to do:
1. Link up below with your twitter account.  You should use the URL of your twitter main page.  For example ours is: https://twitter.com/NEBlogNetwork

2. Hop around and follow some of your fellow NE bloggers on Twitter!

3. Say hi and let them know you are following from the hop!

This hop will be open through Friday, so be sure to check back for new link ups! 
Connect with us!

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  1. I accidentally linked to my log instead of my twitter account but my twitter is linked on my blog

    xx Liz


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