Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Dare!

Happy Monday!  Today I am presenting you all with a "Blog Dare."  

Did you know we have almost 160 member blogs?!  The blog directory is being constantly updated with all our new members!  So today you blog dare is this- go check out our blog directory and visit TWO NEW BLOGS that you haven't visited before!  There are so many awesome blogs in our directory and all kinds of niches of blogs, too!

So, I dare you- go make some new blogging friends and check out two blogs from our list!

P.S.- if you linked up with Weekend Wander, please check back and visit some of the other blogs from the hop and leave them a comment!!

Don't forget to submit your prompt ideas for the August Blogging Challenge!  We are 1/3 of the way there and need about 20 more ideas!  Most of the ideas have been about summer so far, so if you have a prompt idea that's a little different then PLEASE add it!  We are going to post the list towards the end of July so every can get their post ready!  If you submit an idea your name and blog will be featured with your prompt!

Connect with us!

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  1. Love this dare, challenge accepted.

    Some ideas for August. Favorite school memory, Plans for the fall, room tour, person who inspires you, what not to do (anything)


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