Monday, June 3, 2013

The NE Bloggers Summer Swap!

I am excited to announce the first ever NE bloggers swap!  The theme for the swap is "summer"!

Some of you might be wondering, what is a swap?  Here's how it works:

 First, you will sign up for the swap if you are interested and committed to participating.  After the sign up period is over (June 12th) I will partner you up with another NE blogger!  Partners will be notified via email.  Get to know your partner by visiting their blog often, following them on twitter etc!  Be sure to exchange mailing addresses to send your swap boxes to each other!

Then, the partners will put together a surprise box for each other, with the theme "summer" in mind!

The spending amount for the boxes is $20.  If you and your partner would like to both agree on a different spending amount, that is okay, too, as long as you both agree!

Boxes should be mailed out no later than June 30th.

July 15th you can post a "show off" of what you got in your box and come back to link up and show off all your wonderful goodies!

Sound good?  If you're interested please sign up below!

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A little Disclaimer: NE Bloggers Network is sponsoring this swap by posting this information and assigning the partners. Past that, it is up to you and your partner to do the swap.  NE bloggers Network is not held responsible for the mailing of the swap boxes.


  1. I wish I wasn;t signed up for 2 others already :(

  2. yay, I love doing swaps! great idea (:


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