Thursday, June 20, 2013

We want YOUR ideas!

You might have seen the link ups for "blog every day in {insert month}" before and may have even participated in them!  I thought it would be fun if we had one put on by the North East Bloggers network for the month of August!  My idea is that this link up will be sponsored by us as a group, and any blogger will be able to participate and link up their post with us!

Because this will be sponsored by all of us, I am asking for input from YOU!  We need 31 prompt ideas for the 31 days in August!  You can submit an idea in the form below and I will take the first 31 prompt ideas that are submitted!  Your idea will be on the master list post with your name and blog name so everyone can see where the great ideas came from!  Prompt topics can be anything from a question to an inspirational quote to a word that inspires response.  The topics will be varied throughout the month so as to entice various types of bloggers to participate and challenge us to improve our writing and blogging skills!

This event will be called the "August Blogging Challenge!"  Every day we will have a link up list and if you choose to participate in that days prompt you can link up your post for that day!  Again, we will open this up to all bloggers, but the topic ideas will all come from North East Bloggers like you!

Will you accept the challenge?

Connect with us!


  1. Cool idea! Sent in some thoughts!


  2. I love this idea! I just put in my submission :)


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