Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blog of the Week: Fashionably Late to the Party

This week our blog of the week comes to us from Brooklyn blogger Jen, who write over at Fashionably Late to the Party!  Meet Jen:

Hey, I'm Jen. I live in Brooklyn because that's where all the coolest freelance writers live. Also I'm from here, so it's conveniently located.

I write things, including a novel that I'm totally going to get right back to in a few days, no really, I mean it.

I refer to my husband as His Awesomeness because he kills bugs for me sometimes. And isn't that what we're searching for? Someone to take on some of the household vermin-disposal duties.

I'm on the Twitters, the Facebook and the Google+

Here's the story behind the eyepatch. I'm not still wearing it, but don't you agree that I look amazing in an eyepatch?

Thanks Jen!  Be sure to go over to her blog Fashionably Late to the Party and give her a follow and a hello!

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