Monday, September 30, 2013

Northeast Life: Boston Dive Bars

It should come as no surprise that Boston is a very historical fact it's not uncommon to run into Ben Franklin on the street (he's camera shy...and charges $5 for a picture...lame). I snatched one of him anyway...

As someone who appreciates History, I always try to soak up all the cobblestone-y, New England-y goodness that is Boston....

Because of the history factor, The Green Dragon emerged as my favorite go-to bar in the city when I first moved here. Not only has it been around since 1773, but it was the spot where the Boston Tea Party was planned, AND where Paul Revere left for his midnight ride. My friends roll their eyes when we're halfway through a round of drinks and I get all sentimental...'but guys, Paul Revere drank RIGHT HERE'.  I think it's pretty cool...
Besides the historical greatness that is The Green Dragon, I find that it's always a good time on a Friday or Saturday night. In fact, I used to go so often that my friends and I know the bouncers and bartenders by name (let it be known that if you bake a bouncer a cookie, you will forever get into their bar for free...). The crowd is generally on the older side, but drinks are well priced, and there is always a live band (and they are always playing the greatest hits of the 80's and 90's). There is also rarely a line compared to the neighboring bars (probably because the crowd and music are old...but I prefer a good rock-out to Bryan Adam's Summer of '69 over David Guetta's newest remix...I'm a very old 23 raised on Guns and Roses, Aerosmith and Hootie).

Is the Green Dragon a place to meet a future
Is it a place to take your friends to impress them...definitely no.
Is it a place to rock out and dance your socks off to the live band until you're kicked out the betcha!

And if the British ever decide to attack again, there are plenty of revolutionary weapons on the wall to defend yourself! Now, go make Pauly R proud!

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  1. Been so long since I have been up there. Need to go back and check out all the bars and places to eat!


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