Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Submit a Friday Five Post!

Welcome to Friday Five!  Friday Five is a list of 5 things, which can be anything!  Because the Northeast Bloggers Network is a community, we encourage guest post from all our member bloggers!

5 Reasons to submit a Friday 5s post:

1. Making list is fun!

2. You post will be linked back to your blog- more recognition for you!

3. Your post will be promoted on our twitter and Facebook page!

4. You can write about almost anything, as long as it's a list of 5!  You can even reuse a post you already have, just change it to a list of 5!

5.  You get to show off your writing skills and your awesome photos!

Join the fun and submit your Friday Five post today!  Email me to submit your post!

PS- before submitting your post, please check out some of these past Friday 5s examples:

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