Monday, October 21, 2013

You're Invited: Northeast Bloggers First Twitter Chat!

Big news everyone!  Northeast Bloggers is excited to announce our first ever Twitter Chat!  This chat will take place on October 29th at 8:30pm and will be about blogging and the Northeast Bloggers Network!

Many of you might not be familiar with that a Twitter chat is exactly, and I think a fellow (Southern) blogger, Krystal, explains it well in one of her post about them.  Here is a little snippet from that post:

"Twitter chats are fast-paced ways to interact with other Twitter users while discussing a particular topic. Most Twitter chats have moderators who ask questions to get the discussion going. There are several types of chats in a variety of areas. Social media, technology, blogging, marketing, and finance are some popular topics. The easiest thing to do to get started with Twitter chats is to mark off time in your calendar. Take a look at this list of Twitter Chats For Bloggers that I created. There are many chats that are specific to bloggers, but there are some that are relevant and can provide topic ideas (For example, I participate in a personal finance chat once a week to learn more about budgeting)."

Our October 29th Twitter Chat is open to all Northeast bloggers!  We will start off with some questions posed by the moderator that you can answer and discuss in the chat.

We will use the hashtag #NEblogchat for this particular Twitter Chat.  That means in each question, answer or anything you want to say related to the chat, you should add that hashtag to the end.

A good way to follow along is to use a website that you can follow specific hashtags so the tweets don't get lost among all the other tweets in your feed.  One site for this is, which the moderators will be using for this chat.  To use this site, go to the website and search for our twitter party's hashtag: #NEblogchat and follow along! You can set the chat speed to slow, medium, or fast so you don’t get lost. You can also view all the chat contributors on the sidebar so you can see who has participated in this Twitter chat before.

You can also follow along using other sites such as, or  Or you can simply follow along on your regular twitter page!

We hope to see you at our Twitter Chat party on October 29th at 8:30pm (EST)!
Remember to follow along using #NEblogchat to see all the questions and participate by adding that hashtag to your answers/comments on twitter!

Please feel free to comment with any questions you might have about the twitter chat, how to participate or what to do!  Hope to see you there!

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  1. Are we chatting about a specific topic?

  2. I'm gonna try my best to participate!

  3. Just kind of general about blogging and answering questions people might have about the NE bloggers network!


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