Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog of the Week: Spiced Peach Blog

This week's blog of the week is, of course, one of our fabulous food bloggers!  The blogger of the week is Peggy who write over at Spiced Peach Blog!
Meet Peggy!

Spiced Peach is about anything related to food, the main ingredient, an open table to all.

In many ways this blog is a reinvention in my own life, yet it circles right back to where I began, the home from where I was born where my grandmother ran a butcher shop and grocery below, growing up in the food business, college studies in agriculture, writing articles on food, farms, seasonal produce, chefs, cultural foods and cookbook authors, cooking professionally in restaurants.

Through this blog I will pick up the conversation where it left off years before and also will share many new things with you. One difference in my food experience today from where the conversation began are the many new foods and spices I have learned over the years through friends from throughout the world. These friendships all began in one simple way, food.  It was at the tables and homes of so many goodhearted individuals who had the generosity to share their table, their food, their celebrations, their cultures and they have provided me friendships beyond what I could have ever dreamed! I believe you would love many of these foods too and I hope to share many of them with you.

My most recent new friends I now find at the seasonal outdoor weekly table called: The Team Family Tailgate. It is here where families of athletes prepare wonderful dishes to share together following games. The Team Family Tailgates are formed through a number of types of sports teams, schools, colleges and organizations throughout the country commonly bonding people together in friendship and giving a deeper meaning in the post celebratory meal. Being creative and preparing food for the weekly or twice weekly game travel I have found the coordination most similar to catering and its concepts can also be carried into BBQ’s and picnics.  I plan on making the most of this precious time and would love for you to be a part of the experience too with your own Team Family Tailgate or outdoor events with family and friends! If you have an idea to share I would love to hear from you!

Throughout this blog we’ll share a variety of recipes and whenever applicable will always credit the innovative history or developer.   Any products that I recommend or share with you will only be those that I believe would be helpful to your dish preparation.  

I warmly welcome you and invite you to participate and comment in the conversation of this shared table. I can be contacted by email at:

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is that if you have a true heart to share food with others your life will always be full and you will never feel a lonely moment.

Wishing you a very full life along the spice road of food and friendship!

Thanks Peggy!  Be sure to check out Spiced Peach this week and say hi!  Peggy is very active in our Facebook community and also returns the comment love!

Stay tuned for more Foodie Week fun!

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  1. Peggy's one of the nicest bloggers I've met through this community. She's always so pleasant and friendly to her fellow bloggers. Congrats on being featured, Peggy!

  2. You have chosen the perfect person for blogger of the week. As Jessica said, Peggy is one of the most thoughtful and kindest bloggers in our community. And it looks like she's one heck of a cook ;-) ...her food pictures and recipes are mouth watering. Cheers to you, Peggy! Kudos to you on this recognition, and please, keep up the great work! :-)


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