Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Twitter Hop

Welcome to the November Twitter Hop!  Every Tuesday we do a hop to link up one of your social media accounts and the first Tuesday of each month is the Twitter hop!

Please remember, this hop is to link up your Twitter account only!  If you want to share a daily blog post, please do so in our Facebook group page or the Weekend Wander or other appropriate outlets!  Thanks everyone!

You can link up to your twitter page like this: http://twitter.com/yournamehere.  For example, ours is: https://twitter.com/NEBlogNetwork

Connect with us!


  1. I missed the linky because I just found you via Twitter. Can my link be added? Jennifer@MOLM2011 https://twitter.com/MOLM2011

    Looking forward to meeting and supporting other NE bloggers!

  2. Hi Jennifer! We do the twitter link up on the first Tuesday of each month! :)

  3. Okay. I will remember to add it for December. Have a great Wednesday!


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