Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Goals: How to Get Started

This is a syndicated post from Tara of the blog Family Sport Life.

This is my obligatory 2014 Goals post.  I am going to talk about the goals I have for myself this year but before I do that I want to drop of few lines on how to get started.  Shoes are to the shoemaker as goals are to me.  Meaning I do goals for a living.  I work everyday helping people set goals, action plan, and develop the skills needed to be better tomorrow than they were today.  I help people make their dreams a reality.  I spent three years in grad school studying how to do this (in theory) and the last 15 years putting it into practice.  I have seen people succeed beyond their wildest dreams.  There have been times where I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.  I have also seen people fail epically.  There have been times where I have failed epically and without grace I might add.  While I am not perfect, I am positive and I believe every failure is an opportunity to learn extraordinary things about oneself.  This makes whatever happens this year a win-win for you.

You would think after years of theory and practical application I have my stuff together and I set goals with ease.  I don’t.  I have the same struggles as everyone else.


Through the years I have developed a “How to Get Started” process that works:

  1. Review and reflect on the previous year(s).
  2. Capture your dreams.  Now is the time for dreaming big.  Big is fine if you realize your life’s goals aren’t going to happen this year.  They may take a lifetime.
  3. Build on what is already established.  In other words, capture the momentum you already have.
  4. Group goals into “buckets” that make sense to you.  For me, my buckets are Family, Sport, and Life.
  5. Keep it simple.
  6. Give yourself time to mull things over. I have a general idea of where I am going for the year by January 1 but I don’t solidify all my planning until the end of January.  January is a great month for thinking, information gathering, and planning.
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  1. Saw the original post. Love this idea!

    xo. Kailagh

  2. This is a great idea an di plan on doing some goals for this year and make them happen


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