Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PA Meetup: The Uncorked Artist

Hey PA!! Jacquelyn from justjacq back (haha that rhymes) planning another get together for you!

Have you heard of The Uncorked Artist? It's pretty cool so allow me to explain. Basically you and some girlfriends get together, drink wine, and paint a painting that a local artist is teaching you how to paint. You aren't limited to the exact colors of the paininting so everything comes out custom. Let's say you're doing a flower and their flower is yellow with a pink vase. Yours can be a white flower in a black vase. Whatever you want! Get it?

Anyway, they have this calendar where they display the painting they'll be doing at that time and you can sign up for that time. Space is limited which is why you have to sign up. Or, even better, you can book a private party, pick your own painting and have the space to yourself!

So here's the deal. I'm putting this event idea out there to see how much interest there is because you have to have a minimum of 10 painters to book a party. The price for an evening party is $35, $30 for an afternoon, and $25 for the morning which are the same prices as a public party. Because we need a minimum of 10 people I thought we'd open this event up to friends as well. So grab your best gal pal and come paint a painting! If you're interested, please fill out the form below so I can start to plan this event.

P.S. because we are still responsible for the full price of the party (as in, we'd still be responsible for $350 if we did an evening party even if less than 10 people attended) I will probably request payment up front. This will also cover the deposit required for the party. If we get less than 10 RSVP's I will refund everyone's payment.

The Uncorked Artist
1414 Old York Rd
Warminster, PA 18974

(if you can't see the form below, use this link

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  1. COOL! Me and my boyf would love this! i filled it out!

  2. I am a artist in Pennsylvania. In the Philadelphia area. I am just blogging this to warn of a company. Called American reality group. They have got me to do a lot of work on murals and ceilingsThen they won't pay for the work. Beware of these people fellow artists. Each time a artist does work for th. They refuse to compensate them for there work

  3. This is so cool! If we could do something like this again that would be awesome! I'm not a state rep but I'm willing to try to organize it, if anyone else is interest!


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