Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Five Link Up
and 5 Date Worthy Restaurants in Philly

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Five Date Worthy Restaurants in Philadelphia

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my favorite "date night" restaurants in Philly!

1.  Amada- this is by far one of my favorite restaurants ever!  It's a tapas place and the food is amazing!  I especially love the baked goat cheese and the sangria.  This is a great place to go on a date or for a celebration with a small group of friends.

2. Hawthorne's- located in South Philly (well, just south of South St, so more like Queen Village/Italian Market area) Hawthorns is a nice relaxing place to go on a date.  It's not "fancy fancy,"  but the food is really good and they have a huge beer fridge to choose from, along with growlers you can order for here or to go.  Inside is a comfy vibe, with a fireplace and homey decor.

3. Cochon- another Queen Village favorite of mine is Cochon (French for pig).  Cochon is a great restaurant with a French influence.  They food is seriously good!  It's a small, intimate place, so great for a date, not so much for large groups.  It's BYO (which helps with the bill!) and cash only.

4. Mixto- Mixto is a Cuban restaurant in Center City.  The bread is seriously good and I always get to ropa vieja to eat!  Yum!  They also have great cocktails and serve brunch on the weekends.  However, if you go in the summer I recommend asking for a seat on the first floor because it is seriously hot on the second floor!

5. Beaumonde- last but not least is my favorite Creperie!  I've actually never been here for dinner, just brunch, but they do serve dinner and I'm sure it's fabulous.  We go here sometimes for brunch and get crepes and they are just amazing!  They also have great mimosas and the coffee is really good, which I find to be rare at brunch places!

If you're ever in Philly, be sure to check these places out!

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  1. Ooooh, all great choices! Steve and i are always looking for new places to eat, will have to check these out!

  2. Glad I could help! Amada is a little pricey as is Cochon, but they are nice for a Valentines day or birthday kind of thing. A special night out!

  3. ooh haven't been to any of these yet! I've heard good things about Amada. There's a cute crepe place on my block called Cafe L'Aube (there's also a Rittenhouse location I think)...judging by that pic, the crepes at Beaumonde look a little bigger so I may have to try that!

    <3 Melanie @

  4. I haven't been to any of those! Great list.

  5. I haven't been to any of these either. I am going to add this to my list, in case I ever get to BBC in Philly

  6. Yeah they are big and sooooo delicious!!!

  7. Thanks! I deff recommend trying them all!

  8. Yeah! Amada is near all the touristy history stuff, too, so you'll be able to hit up both!

  9. Yeah. I need to see if I can raise the funds, and get away from the fam. ;) We are going down that way in May(or is it June?) so I will def. check it out.

  10. I'm hoping to visit Philly one of these days. The restaurants sound amazing. My mouth is watering. I wonder if there are any similar places in Denver?


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