Thursday, February 27, 2014

State Love from our State Reps!
and one last giveaway!

To help celebrate our one year anniversary, some of our State Reps are sharing what they love about their state!

Meg from Maryland:

I have never seen a state with pride quite like Maryland pride. Walk through the Inner Harbor any given day in the summer- you’ll see Orioles t-shirts, Maryland flag board shorts, and Natty Boh tattoos on calves and biceps galore. Touristy spots aren’t the only place you’ll see the easy to spot Maryland pattern- drive through the streets of Federal Hill and you’ll see almost every house on a single city block is waving the MD flag. The pride amongst residents is easy to understand when you know about the many wonderful things associated with the state like Berger Cookies, Old Bay, Baltimore Ravens, Crabcakes, Utz, Edgar Allen Poe, and The National Anthem. Maryland is also the home of one of the largest US aquariums, The Naval Academy and one of the top 25 Medical Universities in the world, Johns Hopkins. The next time you are looking for a weekend getaway think of us over here in Maryland- we’ll share our Natty Boh but only if you can guess the riddle under the cap. 

Kate from Massachusetts:

Massachusetts, a state that has a lot to brag about although we'll leave the recent frigid weather off the list. We have amazing sports teams and fans who love them through the good and the bad. We have fantastic schools, great beaches for the summer, so-so mountains for winter skiing and even a rock that boasts hosting the first settlers. History is abundant but so is the future. You can visit final resting spots of our country's founders in the same city where groundbreaking research is being done. How many states have all that?

Kallie & Meg from Connecticut:

Hey! We're Meg and Kallie, State Representatives for Connecticut. Kallie has lived in Connecticut for 18 years and Meg has been here since she graduated from college 3 years ago.  We love Connecticut for a lot of reasons.  As you can see from our photo, we love Connecticut because we love our UCONN Huskies! We love to tailgate for football games and visit Gampel for basketball.  We love that our state has oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests and farmland.  We also love being a quick trip to some of our other favorite Northeast cities: New York City and Boston!

Jessica from Rhode Island:

Rhode Island is awesome because we have a little bit of everything. You can get from one end of the state to the other in under an hour. In one day you can go from the beautiful coast in Narragansett to the dense woods of Glocester. We have a little bit of a city like feel in Providence and surrounding areas to the rural feel of the rest of the state. Being one of the original colonies, Rhode Island offers historic architecture and a dense history. It a beautiful little state with a lot to offer.  The summer is the best, but you cannot deny how beautiful it can be right after a snow storm that leaves it looking like a winter wonderland. So you can agree, Rhode Island is *wicked* awesome right?

Thanks to all our State Reps for showing off how awesome their states are!  Stay tuned because we have a few more "State Love" posts coming up in the next few weeks!

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