Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blog of the Week: A Sensible Momma

This week's blog of the week is A Sensible Momma, written by Anna!  Meet Anna:

At first glance, my blog’s title might make you think I’m a seasoned mom with years of experience in raising children, but upon further look, you’ll see something entirely different. I’m a 20-something mom raising two toddlers, and everything I have knowledge about, whether about parenting, running a household, cooking, etc., is through research and trial and error. If I don’t know something, I make it a point to learn about it. I do this with everything in my life and anything worth sharing, I do so here. I think a lot of moms are like that, because we are the glue of our families who always need to be a step ahead and have all the answers. To me, that’s just small part of what being A Sensible Momma is about.

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