Monday, May 12, 2014

Guest Post: The 24 Drinking Game!

Today's special guest post comes from Meg of the blog My Borrowed Heaven.  Meg loves the TV show 24 so much she created a drinking game to go along with the show!  Check out the first part of it here and then head to her blog to read the rest!

I really hope there are some other 24 fans out there in blogland besides me.  Over the last 3 months, we've re-watched every one of the last 8 seasons.  It doesn't sound like a lot, but that's just over 2 episodes every. single. day. for 3 months straight.  Well, now it's here: THE NEW SEASON.  A new season means new fun and my own 24 drinking game!!  I know that even Kiefer Sutherland knows about the 24 "damn it" drinking game, but Mike and I thought it'd be fun to make one that's more in depth and really keeps you watching. 

1 Drink
- Every time Jack says, "I'm Jack Bauer..."
- Every time something explodes or someone gets shot
- Every time Chloe rolls her eyes or says something sarcastic
- For every ticking clock count
- For every shameless product plug [i.e. Sprint, Chrysler...]
- For each "damn it"
2 Drinks
- Every time the phrase "within the hour" is said
- Every time someone is watching Fox News
- Each time Jack says, "I need to speak with the president"
- Every time they re-position the satellite 
- Whenever there's a split screen
- Each time Jack says something calmly and then yells the same thing
Wonder what will have you taking 3 drinks or even finishing your drink?  Head over to Meg's blog to read the full post and the whole drinking game!

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