Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five Hop & 5 Firsts That Are Happeneing in This Years World Cup!

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Today's guest Friday Five post comes from Lorena who is an author and a contributing writer at the blog That's Normal.

Five firsts that are happening this year in the World Cup!

1. First time they are using goal line technology.

FIFA has finally joined the 21st century! After the horrific call in 2010's World Cup when England's Frank Lampard's obvious goal was disallowed, it's no wonder why.  Tennis likely still has the best use of line technology in all sports, but the use for this World Cup has been promising so far. There was even a goal in slight question in one of the first group games (France-Honduras) that was determined a definite goal due to the goal line technology. Success!
2. First time they use aerosol vanishing spray to mark 9.15 meters

For decades no one has been quite certain if players aren't cheating the 9.15 meter mark during a free kick. Well, that is, no one except the Americas. Yes, that's right, the latest and greatest method of making sure players don't cheat did not come from Europe, but rather an Argentine inventor. I even had an English friend over last year during an MLS game and he said, "It will be ages before anyone else adopts this, even though it's a good idea, it's American."  Actually, the method was approved for worldwide use by IFAB in 2012 and has been used in all of the Americas well before then. The spray saves time and increases fair play.

3. First time USA beats Ghana

After three meet ups in the past World Cups, the USA finally defeats the Black Stars in their first game of the group stage. This gives them a much needed Win in their difficult group.

4. First time a game is played in the Amazon
So this is more a sign of FIFA's terrible nature than anything else, the stadium in Manaus costing millions and never able to use again since no one lives there (not enough for a team at least), I mean it's like putting a stadium in the middle of the Adirondacks. But still, it's in the Amazon! Kind of cool if you ignore all the horrible parts of it. Which is ... Yeah, it's hard to ignore.

5. First time the World Cup has been so MLS Heavy

Maybe it's just who we are, but when you're a US soccer fan (yeah, I said soccer, people, deal with it), you want to see the sport progress and grow. It's exciting to see not just the USA team boasting some MLS guys, but also other countries. Australia's great striker Tim Cahill plays for the New York Red Bulls, Brazil's main goalkeeper Cesar plays for Toronto FC, 6th fastest scorer in World Cup history Clint Dempsy plays for the Sounders, six players for Honduras and five for Costa Rica play in the MLS... In fact 31 players from the MLS are in this World Cup! And 16 are not on the USA team! It's very exciting to see the progress of the league ... Just think, us NE bloggers are getting another team soon with the NY Cosmos!

Plenty more excitement to come in this tournament, so tune in and Go USA!  Thanks Lorena!
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  1. Don't forget it's also the first time Colombia made it to the Cup too! Even though I was cheering on the opposing team I was really excited for them regardless!


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