Monday, June 16, 2014

Turn Your Whole Summer Into a Vacation!

Today's guest post comes from Diane who writes the blog Sweet Catastrophe.  Diane shares some great ideas for making the most of your summer- by making your whole summer feel like a vacation!

Typically I take vacation in late August/early September. So naturally I want time to rush along till the day I can plant my toes in the sand and hear the sound of the crashing waves. But I've realized I'm only wishing away 3 beautiful months. So this year instead of waiting for vacation to arrive I am going to make vacation come to me. Those special vacation clothes, fancy drinks or poolside books that I would usually save - not happening this year. I am going to enjoy them ALL summer long - who knows, maybe this will be the best Summer yet.

Thanks for sharing these great ideas with us Diane!  What ideas you have for making the most of your summer?

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  1. These are such fun ideas! And so helpful, since I recently had a little vacation and would love to recreate that carefree, summery feeling when I'm at home, too. I wore my favorite new polka dot shorts yesterday and I think they made me feel a little bit cheerier ;)


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