Monday, July 21, 2014

Fitness Tips: Teaching Cycling Class

Have you ever considered becoming a spinning instructor?  Lena of Lean Lena has, and she shares some great tips with us today about becoming a spinning instructor!

Below are some tips for the first time teaching that I got from the Team Spinning:
  1. Bring a back up CD in case you have iPhone/iPod issues. In fact, my instructor carries both a CD and a TAPE! Yes, he is that prepared :)
  2. Remember to introduce yourself, ask if you have any new riders in the class,  go over proper bike setup and safety making sure all the rider pop-pins are tight.  At the end of class thank the riders for attending your class.
  3. Discuss with your riders that it is NOT about the number of miles they go. Remember, anything above 110rpm is useless and dangerous!
  4. Remember the 4 P’s to Spinning. Population, Purpose, Plan, Progression. Know your audience. Profile accordingly and think about the intent of your ride.
  5. Keep an eye on your participants during class so it’s about them and not watching the stereo or your notes too much.
  6. Pace your verbiage because even though it’s their ride, not yours, and you’re not going anaerobic, it is very different to talk and teach when first starting out.
  7. Don’t be afraid to jot down some notes of what to say during certain planned segments of your profile. There’s nothing wrong with an instructor having notes.
  8. Try not to let lyrics of any chosen music over-ride what you are saying. Hence, it’s easier not to play that type of music so you’re not combating with it.
  9. However, do play what you like initially because they will feel your energy.
  10. Act confident. If you act it, you will feel it. They will sense that and respond to it providing positive energy back to you to go back to them! It creates a circling effect.
  11. Don’t talk too much! Don’t feel obligated to fill every moment of silence.
  12. Brining a spare water bottle for a rider who forgets is a good habit to get into.
  13. You might feel like people are giving you the stink eye; don’t take it personally.  Some people are very attached to their instructors and if you’re taking over a class, it might take some time for them to “warm up” to you.
  14. Practice.
  15. Relax. Be yourself. Smile. Bring your love for Spinning with you. If you have it, your participants will feel it.
Thanks Lena!  Great tips for anyone looking to go into any sort of fitness class teaching!  Click here for her full post!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post!
    Please, make one correction in the first paragraph - "spin teacher" is an incorrect term to use...It's either "Spinning (r) Instructor" or "Indoor cycling instructor". Thank you again for sharing my post!

  2. I used to instruct Spin classes, it was a lot of fun but wish I'd had this to read back when!


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