Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Five Hop & 5 Must Have Apps for Summer!

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Today's guest Friday Five comes from Ellie who writes the blog Creative Geekery.

me-hola Ellie Petrov is a lifestyle technology blogger over at Creative Geekery! She is a mama to two crazy tween boys who keep her mega busy. She loves to spend time with her family, figure out cool things to do with tech, devour good books, and nap.


Here in Massachusetts we are enjoying our first full week of school vacation! Crazy, right? I am just feeling grateful that my boys didn't have to celebrate the Fourth of July in school! Now that summer is officially here, we are making the most of it with lots of family time, new experiences and outside time. We are planning to have our best summer ever... with a little help from techy goodness! I have put together a list of my five top picks for must-have summer apps to help you have fun, save money, and stay happy and healthy this summer.

1. Wild Time for when you need a little inspiration to get outside and do something! Decide how much time you have to spend outside (anywhere from 10 minutes to 1/2 a day) and choose from tons of fun and free activities. Or hand the iPhone or iPad to the kiddos and let them pick.

2. iExit Interstate Exit Guide for road trips! Find out what kind of services and restaurants are available at each exit on the highway you are traveling along. This little app also tells you how far it REALLY is off the highway. No more 20 minute detours for the Dunkin Donuts you saw a sign for along the highway.

3. SkyView for star-gazing! Just point your iPhone, iPod or iPad toward the sky and it will tell you what is up there. Stars, planets, satellites and so much more. Huge learning potential!

4. iSunburn to keep you safe in the sun! As the mom and wife to three of the palest folks you will ever meet, sunblock is my best friend. I am a VERY laid-back person but when it comes to sunblock and its reapplication, I do not joke around. This app will give you tons of localized info about your daily UV situation as well as remind you to REAPPLY. As the daughter of a melanoma survivor, I cannot stress to you enough the importance of sunblock. And don’t forget to put it on yourself!

5. Just Drink Water to keep you hydrated! I have a hard enough time staying hydrated in the winter so come summer time I need all the help I can get. This app will help you set hydration goals, keep track of your intake and will even remind you when it is time to grab another glass.

Thanks for sharing these great apps with us Ellie!

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Happy Fourth of July everyone!  
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  1. I absolutely LOVE the SkyView app. It's the best! It's quickly becoming my daughter's fave app as well :)


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