Thursday, July 10, 2014

Introducing... The Northeast Baton!

This summer we are excited to take our instagram account to the next level by incorporating the Northeast Baton!  Not sure what the baton is?  The "baton" is a fun project involving the passing off of the instagram account to our members!  The original baton project was created in Raleigh-Duram and grew in popularity quickly inspiring other baton projects such as the popular Blog Baton and the NYC Baton. 

It is, in short, a photo relay on instagram!

Because our membership covers such a large area, we thought the Northeast Baton would be a great way for our members to show off their towns, big and small, and take a peek into our Northeast lives!  Interested in participating?  Read on to see what to do!

First, of course, be sure to follow Northeast Bloggers on instagram.  

The Northeat Baton will take place once a week to start off, and more often depending on how many members sign up.  When it's your turn you will be sent the log in info for the account so you can "take over" on your scheduled day!  You should post throughout the day, showing off your life and what's awesome about your Northeast town!  Show off your house, dog, work, favorite place to get coffee, outfit- whatever you want!

Posting Guidelines:
  • Follow Northeast Bloggers on instagram
  • Post throughout the day, 5-10 photos is a good amount, no more than 10 please.
  • Be sure to introduce yourself, but please limit your selfies to 1 or 2!
  • Sign your photos with your instagram name so everyone knows who to follow after it's your turn! (example: Photo by @rach_b123)
  • Post only your own original photos and do not repost (regram) from your own account.
  • Do not follow or unfollow anyone from the Northeast Bloggers account, except yourself, and do not change the password or any of the settings on the account.
  • Do not post any nudity or other inappropriate content.
  • Feel free to tag any restaurants, bars or shops you show off so others can check them out!
  • And don't forget to promote on your own social media that you will be holding the Northeast Baton on your scheduled day! 
  • Northeast Bloggers reserves the right to remove any photos that do not follow these guidelines.
You can sign up by simply emailing us your: name, state you live in, blog link and instagram link.

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  1. I'd love to participate, but I am lost. Am I posting 5-10 on my instagram and then hastagging NEB?

    Oh, wait. I went to the site, and it helped explain things a bit. Are we following the same basic structure? Sorry, it is almost Friday right? I need a weekend.

  2. This is an awesome idea! How exciting :)

  3. Such a cool idea! Can't wait to see what others post!

  4. I am way too boring to participate, but I can't wait to see what others post!!


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