Thursday, July 24, 2014

July Photography Challenge!

Welcome to our Photography Challenge!  This is a once a month challenge to take a photo that fits into the theme for that month.  This months theme is: SUMMER.  The link up will remain open the rest of the month so everyone has a chance to show off their photos!

Please make sure to visit other blogs on this hop if you link up and leave a comment on their photo!
Remember you can link up to a post with the photo you want to show off, or to your instagram photo that fits the monthly theme.  Please do not link up to your blogs main page, this link up is for the photography challenge only! 

Be sure to join us for the August challenge next month!  August's theme is: OUTDOORS and will take place starting August 21st. There will also be a slight change starting next month.  The photo challenge will switch to being a blog only challenge.  This means you can craft a spectacular blog post featuring the photos you took for this challenge theme each month.  You can feature one awesome photo or 5 awesome photos, it's up to you!  You can share a story about the photos, photography tips or make it a wordless photo post.  Remember, this change starts next month, so for today you can still link up a blog post or an instagram post.

Do you have a SUMMER photo to link up for the July challenge?  Share it below!

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  1. I have summers off, so this is pretty much how I spend my time.

  2. Sorry can you delete so I can put the correct picture

  3. Thanks for the photo challange. Have a great weekend looking forward to see what photos eveyone comes up with.


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