Friday, July 11, 2014

The Friday Five Hop & 5 Things About NYC in the Summer!

Welcome to the Friday Five Hop!  You can link up below with your Friday Five post- no theme here, any list of 5 works for the Friday Five! 

Today's guest Friday Five post comes from Lorena who is an author and a contributing writer at the blog That's Normal.

Five things you forget about NYC summer until it's summer again

1. Body Odor
Not sure why this doesn't happen the same way in the winter, maybe it's hidden by the scent of wool coats, but the body odor is all over the place once temperatures rise. Is wearing deodorant so terribly hard? 

2. Free City Suana
The subway platform, aka free suana, becomes a sweltering cavern of doom. Vents can only do so much. That nice breeze from the approaching subway train? Heaven.

3. Rotting Garbage
The same uncomposted crap that freezes in the winter becomes a soupy decaying mess in the summer. Mingle that odor with melting dog poop and that weird sewer smell, and you'll want to go to the subway just for reprieve.

4. "Rain" on Clear Days
There's even a song about this. The window a/c units of 8 million people dripping at random on you as you walk down the sidewalk. It's awkward and creepy, though a little refreshing in the heat.

5. Multiple Daily Showers
It doesn't matter if you work in an air conditioned building and have tons of a/c units in your apartment, you will still be showering at least twice a day in the summer in order to feel some semblance to clean. When just walking outside is the equivalent to going for a swim in a swamp, you need to shower again and again and again.
But Summer in the City isn't all bad! We have the following five things that are fun and summer-specific...

1. The beach is a subway ride away (You must take the A Train / To go to Rockaway way down in Queens / If you miss the A train / You'll find you've missed the only subway to the beach)

2. Iced drinks are everywhere! Take your pick... iced coffee, fresh juice, iced tea, smoothie, milkshakes. You want it, you got it.

3. Outdoor concerts aplenty! Tons of outdoor concerts and quite a few of them are free!

4. Movies in the park!  Grab your pic-a-nic blanket and head down to Central, Prospect, or McCarren Parks for free cult classics like The Goonies or Jaws on a big screen.

5. Coney Island is Open!  When else can you eat funnel cakes and go on a roller coaster that is almost as old as The Great Gatsby?

Great lists, Lorena!  That beach picture makes me want to go right now!

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  1. I remember when I took the A Train to 116 in Rockaway and sometimes the bus for the windows


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