Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year Resolutions--What's On YOUR List?

Well Christmas has come and gone and it seems everyone is looking towards the New Year and thinking about their resolutions for this year.

We all have our own personal resolutions but it always seems like losing weight, saving money and getting organized are the Top 3 New Year's Resolutions and to be honest with you, those are my resolutions as well. Resolutions image

 Here are some of the ways I plan on achieving my goals in 2015:

 1. Losing weight--last year I lost quite a bit of weight through dieting and daily exercising but like many other people I started slacking again and I stopped watching what I ate and my daily exercising.  I am determined that after the New Year I will make sure to eat healthy and more importantly, I want to start a daily exercise program. Last year I was doing the Focus T25 program and plan on starting that again.  I found that when I ate healthy and exercised not only did I lose weight but I felt great, my emotions were more in check and I had unbelievable energy!  No more sluggish feeling at 3 pm! 

2.   Saving money is always easier when you have a plan in place and again this year I plan on following the 52  Week Savings Challenge.  You may be familiar with this plan already but if not, it is a simple plan where each week you save a certain amount of money so that by the end of the year you have over $1300 saved....and it is easy because the first week you only save a $1!  We can all start with a $1 right?

I also plan on having my kids get in on saving money this year.  I took a large plastic pretzel container and cut a hole in the top.  All year long I am going to encourage my kids to add any of the change they find lying around the house and add it to the bucket.  At the end of the year we will use the change collected to do something fun!

 3. Finally, with a busy schedule and 5 kids getting,  and more importantly staying, organized is a never-ending process.  This year I plan on doing a 52 Week Cleaning and Organizing Challenge where every week I will declutter and organize a certain area of my house --and then keep it that way!  Details on the full challenge will be available on my site later this week so make sure to stop by!

I will also be having my kids help me declutter and organize so hopefully they will be motivated to keep it clean as well.

That is all my goals for now, what do YOU planning on tackling this year?

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  1. My list is pretty simple this year - to continue building my writing/advocacy career and to focus on health and fitness!

  2. I decided not to make resolutions this year. Every year I make them, don't complete my list then spend a lot of time beating myself up for it. I'm going to focus on trying to enjoy life and hope this year brings changes.

  3. Here are mine!

  4. Mainly learn Spanish once and for all. Have the Rosetta and the Duolingo for my long commutes. No excuses!

  5. My goal for the new year get more traffic to my blog at hhp//


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