Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Video Blog of the Week: Heavens to Besty

We are excited to introduce another fun blog of the week through a video interview!  This week's blog of the week is Heavens to Besty, written by Betsy!  View her interview below!

Thanks Betsy! Be sure to check out her blog this week and follow her! Also head over to her newly opened shop to see what she has!

 Some of Betsy's favorite posts:
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  1. So cute! :)

    I definitely want to try making one of those scarves - I LOVE a good cozy scarf! I feel the same way you do about finding someone in the Northeast - and even more particularly WNY (I feel like it's SO rare!). I'm off to follow you on Instagram ;) (I'm rychinlove!) I'd love to work with you sometime on my blog, and perhaps feature your new shop? :)

  2. Hi Betsy, Congratulations on being Blogger of the week of Northeast Bloggers. The guy across the street went to Berkley in Mass. and is now in Nashville. Best of Luck in your blog, and your current creative professional pursuits! Happy Holidays!

  3. I give you all credit for this as I don't think I'd be comfy doing the video interviews!


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