Monday, January 19, 2015

Do's and Don't of Social Media

Kaitlyn, of the blog Translucent Brown, has some great social media tips for all bloggers (and non bloggers, too!) to keep in mind this year!  She shares five great tips for social media etiquette with us below.

1. Think about what you post and share.
You are what you tweet. You are what you post. Use some good common sense before you hit the post button. Think about if this is something you want representing you and your character. If its not something that you would say or show to your grandmother, than you most likely should not be posting it on social media networks.

2. Don't overshare!
No one needs to know that you and your boyfriend got into another fight. My point is that you shouldn't share everything! What is meant to be personal should stay personal.

3. Think before you tag.
No one likes the person who tags all their friends in that embarrassing drunk selfie. Before you post and tag a photo, think about what that photo represents and what that photo says. What would a potential employer or your Dad think if they saw that picture? Not good? .... Don't do it then.

4. Don't overload our newsfeed!
Ugh!! Have you ever gone on Instagram and there's that one person who posts 10 pictures back to back to back! PET PEEVE!! If you're looking to increase your following, posting all those pictures is not going to be a good look for you. Be more structured in your postings. The best time to post on any social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) is between the hours of 1PM and 4PM. Be wise people!!

5. Ignore!
I am a very opinionated person. And I have a lot to say. But not everyone feels the same way I do about certain situations. And with that.. comes the mean, dreaded comment. If someone isn't being so nice to you or says something that you just don't agree with, my best advice to you would be just to ignore it. I've learned from my mistakes! Don't add fuel to the fire. By ignoring it, you are defusing the situation.

Bottom line... is to just act right. Don't use your social media networks as a means of an outlet for the inappropriate. Keep it classy. You'll appreciate it later on down the line.
Be sure to check out this post and more great posts over at Kaitlyn's blog!

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