Thursday, January 29, 2015

What To Wear to Watch the Big Game!

Recently, I have seen a lot of action on one particular pin of mine on Pinterest. After I realized that it was a Polyvore outfit that I created for my blog last year for the Seattle Seahawks before they went to the Super Bowl, I figured it was time to create some updated looks. Since Seattle is heading back to the big game, here's another option for you to go with!

These looks are created for women who are attending Super Bowl parties (or who just want to pick a side at home) but who don't typically cheer for either of the teams playing. Since I love football, I will of course be watching but I don't have any Seahawks or Patriots gear (die-hard Steelers fan right here) so going with the right color scheme is as close as I can get.

I personally like the Patriots look better, but I will not be rooting for them. I'm sure I'm about to be shunned from this blogging network because of that admission! I just have never liked them and would really like Seattle to have a back-to-back win, because that's fun. If you are rooting for the Patriots though, you could basically get away with wearing anything that you would wear for the Fourth of July and add a navy cardigan to it so that keeps things simple!

Above all, keep it casual, this is football! Have fun with whoever you hang out with that night and allow yourself to break your diet a bit for some chips. Enjoy!

Chelsea blogs for Chels & the City, a Pittsburgh-based blog about fashion and city living. She owns Marion Claire Stationery, creating greeting cards with heart & sass. She is also a PA State Rep for the Northeast Bloggers Network. 

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  1. I agree- its easier to put together the red and blue outfit! On the other hand I do love that scarf in the Seahawks fan outfit! Both of them are very cute!


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