Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Activities On Long Island

I feel like it was just yesterday that the snow finally stopped falling here on Long Island. Oh wait, it really was only a few days ago that it was still snowing in the Northeast. That's how long and dreadful this winter has been. But thank goodness spring is officially here and I thought I would share some fun spring activities on Long Island.

First off, there are so many wonderful farmer's markets that start opening up again in the spring. I love going to a few with my daughter and picking up fresh fruits and veggies. Some of them even have a great selection of homemade goods too, like pies and cookies.  Speaking of pies, the warmer weather and longer days give us a boost to head out east for the best peach pies ever at Briermere Farms.

Long Island also has some wonderful farms where you can pick your own strawberries in late spring, early summer. It's a blast to head out east and fill our little baskets with strawberries. It can get a little messy but the berries are just delicious. And of course while you're out east, all of the Long Island wineries have their outdoor areas open again. I love when some of the vineyards have live music playing outside while we sit back and sip our wine.

I also love that it is finally getting warm enough to actually enjoy the beautiful parks in both Suffolk and Nassau counties. This year we have our eye on the Spring Family Fishing Festival at Belmont State Park. All you have to do is pay the parking fee (under $10) and you can fish all day. I don't even like to fish all that much but, hey, it's something new to take our daughter to. There's also so many spring festivals happening across the island. It's a little far from us but we plan on driving out to the Town of Oyster Bay spring festival because it's full of delicious food, a petting zoo and a few bounce houses. That should keep up busy enough for one weekend!

If you happen to like trains, or you have a little one that is obsessed with them, Long Island Live Steamers opens back up in May. You can ride on these small steam engine trains that are a huge hit with the kids. Adults can ride them too!

It's impossible to highlight all of the wonderful spring activities on Long Island. If you find yourself out here this spring, all you have to do is check out any LI website or newspaper and you're bound to find something fun going on!

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  1. I am from Long Island too. I cannot wait to get out to the wineries this summer!

  2. I love going to the beach or wherever my stepmom is camping during the summer. I was never a big fan of the wineries, but I plan on visiting the Tasting Group and Lieb Cellars this summer. I did a campaign for their boxed wine and it was delicious!! Yay fellow Long Islanders!!


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