About Us

Who we are:

The Northeast Bloggers Network is a place for bloggers living in the NE to meet and network with each other.  This network is specifically for bloggers living in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Maryland.  We are an inclusive community for new and seasoned bloggers alike! 

Our Goals are:
  • To provide a relaxed and interactive community for bloggers living in the NE, a place to interact, meet other bloggers and have fun!
  • To help increase traffic to individual blogs by promoting the bloggers in our network.
  • To increase opportunities for bloggers to share their ideas.
  • To provide resources for bloggers such as "how-tos," blogging tips and design ideas.

Benefits of membership:
-Networking with other bloggers in your area
-Recognition for your blog
-Listing in our blog directory
-Opportunities for guest posting and writing for the network
-Blog of the Month opportunities
-Link ups, twitter parties, interest groups and more!

Membership Expectations:
-Members should add our button to their blog.
-Members are expected to participate and be engaged in the community.
-Members are expected to keep an updated blog.
-Members should be respectful of other members thoughts and opinions.


  1. I think you should include Maryland!! I really want to join something like this but Maryland is not in The North or the South so we always get left out!!

  2. Hello!

    I've recently relocated to Maryland from Indiana and would love to join the North East Bloggers Network. However, you don't have Maryland listed in your list of states. Could you please include Maryland as well, so that I could join your network?

    Lillies & Silk

  3. It's that whole Mason Dixon line thing I think...

  4. Does this group accept people from PA, but living overseas currently?

  5. Replies
    1. Click the "join" tab at the top of this page (under the header) and the directions are all there!

  6. Hi, I'm happy to have joined the network, yet do not have a password for the members section located anywhere. Can anyone help with that? Thank you. :)


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